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Patient Testimonials

Catherine Munholland talks about her new hearing aids: "I'm very happy with them. They're wonderful! I can hear!"

I received fantastic care from start to finish! Dr. Ostrowski was helpful and very kind. Marla was truly amazing, she helped me through each step with patience, kindness, and exceptional care. Hearing loss runs in my family so I will definitely be referrng family and friends in the near future. Thank you Marla and Dr. Ostrowski for helping me to hear again! I am so grateful for the excellent care I received!

- CB of Indianapolis

I am sitting here just thinking about my life the last 8 years and feeling so lucky for everything I have been able to see, do, and hear. This all changed a couple of weeks ago when my hearing aids had to go in for repair... When I was in a group of people who were just normally chatting I could only hear some of the words being said. When I played 'maj' I could not join in the levity, all I could do is be silent and pay close attention to what tile was thrown or I would not have heard it... I waited every night for the police to show up at my door requesting me to turn down my TV. I think I saw a funny play but I only heard parts. This list could go on and on, but, not for me, since my hearing aids are fixed so I can now rejoin the hearing world... I want to get the word out to everyone that wearing hearing aids provides much more benefits than the difficulty wearing them and the expense of buying them... I have seen too many people in the activities I am involved in not really able to hear and not taking action on it.

- WC of Carmel

From the first time I came to the office, I felt that my health and hearing concerns were treated with excellent attention. I felt that every attempt was made...to correct my hearing loss. My audiologist (Lisa) was attentive to every question (and I asked many) and was concerned that everything be 'right' with the hearing instruments. I once asked if anyone else was as particular with the fit and adjustment of the instruments as I was, and my audiologist answered, 'Yes, me.' I could not have received better treatment and the caring and concern are very evident. Thank you for your superb care!

- MM of Indianapolis

I would like to thank you for being able to hear again. My grandson sure likes me being able to hear. He is three years old and talks to me all the time. Until I got my hearing aids I couldn't understand all he was saying. Thanks, again.

- WD of Beech Grove

Thanks for your help and your patience during the adjustment time of my new hearing aids. It was deeply appreciated.

- CN of Indianapolis

Having hearing aids has changed my life. I have spent most of my adult life missing the majority of noise around me and limiting myself in my pursuits because of my hearing loss. When I met Marla she told me I could have hearing aids that were not outwardly very noticeable.... I tried these new hearing aids at an annual visit. I love them and tell everyone about them. I feel 'normal' with them and can't believe the detail of sounds I now hear. I am even finally considering piano lessons. I think the world of Marla and Dr. Ostrowski and the service and care I have been given.

- AA of Indianapolis

You all have always been so nice to me. I wouldn't want to have to go anywhere else. I think the key word is Trust.

- CA of Greenfield

Lisa made me feel very comfortable. She is a true professional and a very caring person. Her knowledge and caring for the patient is wonderful. She has taken excellent care of my needs.

- SB of Indianapolis

Thank you very much for getting my life back on track. Thank you very much.

- TR of Mooresville

....Ear Institute changed my life. I am now back in the real world. Love it!

- LR of Indianapolis

I wish that all medical offices could have the compassion, professionalism, and efficiency that your office demonstrates.

- NS of Brownsburg

A professional attitude unlike your competition...

- ES of Plainfield

I so appreciate the personal efforts Marla made for me with receiving my new hearing aid....I feel very fortunate to have connection with such a successful, trusting office as you have on 86th Street.

- MS of Westfield

You all were extremely outstanding in every way and care given was the best. Thank you.