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When you imagine hearing aids, intimacy probably isn’t the first thing you consider. We get it. The advertising on these little devices is rather straightforward. Less defined expressions such as poetry, music, and art are more suited to the topic of love.

But you might want to begin looking at your hearing aid as an intimacy device because of the strong connection between your hearing and your relationship. After all, the social isolation that comes from untreated hearing loss can also mean separation from your partner. Which means it isn’t just talking with the cashier at the grocery store that becomes more difficult, it’s also maintaining your most important and intimate relationships.

That doesn’t mean somebody suffering from hearing loss isn’t capable of forming deep bonds or of experiencing wonderful, lasting relationships. But it will be necessary to make some practiced adjustments and take some special care. If you’ve been losing your hearing slowly and over time, you probably haven’t developed those extra skills, as a result, your relationships could suffer.

By the same token, something as obvious as a hearing aid can quickly and easily improve these important relationships and make true intimacy more possible. Hearing aids can have a positive affect on your love life in the following ways.

Improved communication

It’s well recognized that strong communication skills are at the root of a healthy relationship. Taking the time to communicate can help prevent arguments, increase emotional connections, and make everyone feel more valued and appreciated.

But hearing loss can compound normal communication hurdles in the process making a difficult task much more difficult.

A hearing aid will help most rapidly in the following ways:

  • Your boosted stamina will make it simpler to communicate.Hearing loss can leave you fatigued from struggling to communicate. With a hearing aid, chatting can be fun and energizing once again.
  • You’ll catch more of those quieter, whispered moments. Let’s be honest, it isn’t pillow talk if you have to shout. You and your partner will enjoy those hushed quiet moments with hearing aids.

You won’t need to use your partner as a translator

If your partner has to repeat everything people are saying, it doesn’t make for a very romantic night. Similarly, you won’t have a very good time if you’re unable to hear anything that’s happening all night. It’s easy to understand how this arrangement could cause resentment.

A hearing aid can help maintain your independence. Your partner won’t have to order your food at a restaurant or be your translator when you’re having dinner with friends. Additionally, it will be easier to continue socializing on your own! You will be able to enrich your relationship by bringing back stories and adventures to share.

Your partner’s needs will be more accessible to you

There are many ways that hearing more might help make your partner’s life a little easier. Maybe you jump in and help with dinner because your hearing aids permitted you to hear the cook timer sound. Or maybe you ask your partner if they need help when you hear them stumble on the floor. You will have the opportunity to ask your partner what’s wrong if you hear them complain under their breath.

These might sound small and maybe even insignificant. But added together, these little gestures exhibit your commitment and compassion. They show you care. And that’s what partners are supposed to do! A hearing aid makes that much easier to achieve because you’ll pick up on those sometimes discreet audio cues.

You won’t miss the power of a whisper

You might have a hard time hearing those breathy whispers shared during intimate moments when you have hearing loss, especially if it has developed so gradually you didn’t even detect it. And let’s be truthful, those hushed sounds are part of the fun of romance. A hearing aid will allow you to experience the power of a whisper again. Which means you’ll be capable of enjoying the intimacy of your partnership in a more powerful way.

Helping Your Relationship

Every problem in your relationship won’t be remedied with a hearing aid, obviously. Nor is it impossible to experience romance with hearing loss. The point here is that a hearing aid will make certain facets of your love life more enjoyable and more enriching.

So if your relationship is a little… dicey… and you’re struggling to find a cause, it may be that your hearing loss is getting in the way of your connections. Schedule an appointment with us, a hearing aid could return welcome intimacy to your love life.

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