One of the most uncommon symptoms of COVID-19 is that it can temporarily dampen your senses of smell and taste. Indeed, loss of smell is often one of the first indications of infection. But your sense of smell and taste aren’t the only sense impacted by COVID-19. Sensorineural hearing loss is an uncommon and lasting problem according to new findings.

How Can COVID-19 Cause Hearing Loss?

Each day scientists are discovering more with regards to COVID-19. But there’s still a lot we don’t know. 2019 is when the virus was first observed. Normally, scientists work for years, if not decades, to thoroughly identify a new pathogen. And COVIC-19 is especially difficult because it impacts different individuals in different ways.

You may experience a wide array of symptoms. And one of those symptoms is permanent hearing loss. Why this occurs is still not evident. It could be something called “cellular stress” caused by the virus. Some cells (like the cells in your ear) will begin to deteriorate, according to this theory, because the virus puts so much stress on the body. But your body’s own immune response might also be responsible for this kind of hearing loss. Significant damage can be done to your body when your immune system overcompensates.

It’s also worth mentioning that occasionally this hearing loss can first present when other COVID symptoms are on their way out. The actual timing isn’t precisely known. We also have no clue why it’s more or less likely to happen.

Can This Hearing Loss be Managed?

Permanent sensorineural hearing loss is possible with COVID-19. There may be some treatment options depending on certain variables. Actually, researchers have already recognized that steroid treatments appear to help safeguard your hearing, especially if you undergo early treatment. If you do experience sudden loss of hearing, you should speak with a doctor.

Getting a hearing exam after your COVID has passed is always a smart idea.

But it’s worth pointing out that there are a couple of qualifiers to all of this. Hearing loss, first off, isn’t a very common COVID symptom. Right now, we’re not sure how prevalent this symptom is. But it’s likely that the science on COVID will continue to update and change as scientists learn more.

Can COVID Related Hearing Loss be Prevented?

If you have sudden changes in your hearing and you have COVID-19 contact your doctor and make an appointment for a hearing exam with us. Lasting hearing loss can be lessened by rapid response.

Try to remain healthy: Protecting yourself from contracting COVID-19 is the best way to prevent this type of hearing loss. So with regards to things like social distancing, social gatherings, and wearing a mask, follow the guidelines.

While this specific symptom isn’t common, it still occurs. And the more facts you have concerning COVID and hearing loss, the better. It’s a good decision to come in for an assessment if you think you have suffered hearing damage.

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